El rebost de la Teularia
El rebost de la Teularia


Ladies and Gentlemen

The following procedure is used for the start of recruitment through Commoditiesvic.

Basic procedure that provides security to buyers and sellers, lead filtering the minimum necessary to avoid any speculation or falsity in product demands.

Moreover, the Buyer will receive the relevant FCO, the procedure and conditions of sale, specific of the Seller that serves your request.

All products offered are in the portfolio of our Sellers, nevertheless, the existence of them at some time due to sales or the reserves of quota by hiring underway, must be previously confirmed by the Seller corresponding.

Procedure Commoditiesvic of initiation of purchase intent

1. Commoditiesvic, assist you, and give thee answer to information requests buying interest, both to direct Buyers or official Mandatory, as well as requests, managed by brokers and facilitators.

1.1. Response is limited to reporting the disposition of product and price information if possible.

1.2. Of be interested in, the petitioner will have to formalize the request in writing via: E-Mail to Commoditiesvic.

2. Commoditiesvic, send CIRCUMVENTION AGREEMENT AND NO-NO DISCLOSURE (NCNDA). With This document of relationship is formalized and recognized to all persons involved in the business, thereby ensuring their participation. From which and when participating brokers and / or facilitators, they can present their sources without fear of being excluded. Document must forward to Commoditiesvic.

2.2 Will forward it signed and sealed.

3. Once we receive the requested document relationship;

3.1 We refer the Buyer, the name of the Seller, the Buyer so that can customize the LOI or ICPO.

3.2 The Buyer or his official Mandatory there will be respond, sending a LOI or ICPO FULL (with explicit permission to soft probe Bank to Bank) and addressed to the name of the SELLER.

3.3 In documentos attached: Model LOI

4. When the purchase is made by Buyer Mandate, this there will be send a copy of powers (document) official representation issued by the Buyer, and / or purchase order.

5. The Seller will respond with a Full FCO along with the procedure and conditions of Sellers.

6. The Buyer will send, via e-mail, the FCO signed and sealed to Seller and also to Commoditiesvic.

7. Be continued under the procedure established by the Seller.

Very Important

Once recruitment the deadlines of each step, have to be fulfilled scrupulously.

Any delay must be justified in writing by the Buyer himself or his official representative.

Even if, the operations following a standard protocol, must be agile and easy. Does not prevent difficulties may arise that require lengthen the times established in the protocol.

Inform to the other party, and in time, when any delay in operating permits and helps to move forward with confidence. Failure to communicate and report accurately and at the right time, leads to generate mistrust and ultimately to losing the recruitment situation also makes it difficult to consider future business.
  • Building trust is always necessary and if for whatever reason, can not conclude a transaction and, is reported, other new operations can be started again.
  • It is better to take for aborted an operation explicitly reasoned and communicated the term corresponding to not report properly and according to which the time the business is located, may well lead to severe economic damage, loss of credibility.
  • The Sellers, which represents Commoditiesvic reserve the right to denounce, to the international anti-fraud agencies, such as the PARIS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ICC, FBI, ETC. Any failure to comply by individuals or firms to indicate bad faith, fraud or speculat.

Commoditiesvic procedure to offer and sell their products.
  1. Commoditiesvic, attend and will respond to information requests SALE interest Sellers or their direct official Mandatory, as well as offers managed by brokers and facilitators.
  2. Commoditiesvic, send NON-CIRCUMVENTION AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT this relationship is formalized document and recognize all those involved in the business, thereby ensuring their participation. From which, when participating intermediaries and / or facilitators, they can present their sources without fear of being excluded.
  3. Once the document requested receive relationship.
  4. The offers may be: SALE, sporadic or SPOTS and Contract.
  5. The person or company that submitted the bid, must choose one of the three accompanying procedures:
Seller, Agent / Mandate, Intermediate, Facilitator
  1. The person must present the product with minimal but sufficient information so that enable assessment Commoditiesvic interest may arouse in the Buyers of their portfolio.
  3. Must send documentation certifying being; Seller/Owner or Official president.
  4. Selling Proposals may be SPOTS or Sporadic and contract.
  5. You should send complete product documentation. Either through the complete SCO or FCO, addressed to Commoditiesvic. Or document by which requests and offers Commoditiesvic, promotion and sale of the product in question, price, terms, payment, technical data, etc.., Giving a period of time for which the grant is valid.
  6. Also indicate whether the grant is exclusive or not.
  7. It will be indicated, commissions or amount which will be paid for services rendered in the event that is performed through the sale purchase agreement of the goods of the vendor.
Protection of Personal Data.

Commoditiesvic undertakes to act on Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data. (Law 15/1999). Thereby agrees to be strict with the use of the information and personal data, and the company received from Buyers, Sellers, and everyone involved in the business, with Commoditiesvic.

Document model
  • BCL
  • LOI
  • ICPO


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